18th or 19th century antique clocks tell a story..

These stories make an antique clock unique. The more exceptional the clock, the more popular it is for collectors and enthusiasts. Antique timepieces are also particularly suitable for giving the interior a personal atmosphere.

We have been using our historical knowledge of antiques since 1970 to offer antiques, such as clocks, nautical instruments and barometers. We also provide a one-year warranty.   

The constantly changing collection consists not only tableclocks, mantelclocks and carriageclocks, but also wallclocks such as comtoises, pub clocks and lantern clocks. We also offer barometers and maritime objects or instruments.

antieke klokken
maritieme instrumenten

Are you looking for maritime instruments? 

Nautical or maritime instruments and devices support the helmsman in his navigation tasks. He uses them to determine his position, course and speed of the ship, to enter ports safely or to avoid collision in case of fog.

Collection barometers and objects

A barometer is an instrument with which the air pressure can be measured. There are various types of barometers that work according to different principles. The oldest barometers work on mercury.