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Antique clocks

antieke klokken

An antique clock is a distinctive object in your interior, made by human hands and tells a piece of history.

Our collection of antique timepieces consists of

Wall clocks

Wall clocks are driven by weights or springs. This is done using a long or short crank.

There are also pendulum clocks without pendulum. These are balance clocks. Ship clocks are, for example, balance clocks.

Table clocks

Antique clocks like table clocks run on springs. The table clock cabinets are made of wood, bronze or fire-gilded bronze.

Carriage clocks

A carriageclock usually has a balance clockwork. The timepiece is small so that it could be taken on a trip. This often happened in a leather-covered holdall.

People took carriageclocks with them because they also wanted to have time with them at their destination. Not everyone used to have a clock at home.